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***BRAND NEW***The B-TWTB Winton IBC/Water Bowser Trailer is an easy way to transport water to awkward areas. The B-TWTB Winton IBC/Water Bowser Trailer is perfect for smallholdings, paddocks and estates. It is especially good for transporting water to hard to reach areas or simply watering the grass on sports pitches and lawns.This product is supplied complete with the trailer and IBC container. The latter is a food grade IBC tank, which is suitable for transporting animal water. As the container is fully closed, the water is safe from outside contaminants. The tank has an impressive 1000L capacity, but is compact enough to be easily stored when not in use.The trailer is suitable for compact tractors, but also ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s. This is thanks to the 50mm ball hitch which tows the trailer. As the B-TWTB is so easy to transport, it is ideal for areas which cannot be easily reached with water pipes, such as hilly or densely forested land. This makes it possible to keep animals in these areas, even during the summer when they desperately need water.When the tank of the Winton IBC/Water Bowser Trailer is removed, the trailer itself is suitable to house standard 1m x 1.2m pallet. This means that the trailer is highly versatile and capable of transporting more than just water.The trailer is also available to purchase separately, please contact us for current pricing.Specifications:Weight 100kgDimensions 238 � 155 � 150cmCapacity 1000lLinkage Type Ball HitchTractor Range 14-40hpFeatures:Low maintenance.Simple ball hitch.1000L capacity.Food grade IBC tank.***Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee***