Jensen A530XL Tracked Chipper

ADDED: February 22, 2022

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Jensen Forestry & Hedging

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The Jensen A530XL Tracked Chipper is the smallest in the Jensen range, taking 6 inch timber. The Jensen A530XL Tracked Chipper can be fitted with fixed or variable track systems, the A530XL is also available with a tilt bed option perfect for light embankment work. In addition to the rigid design of the tracked wood chipper, we also offer a track system which is hydraulically adjustable. If you require a dedicated embankment machine then the Jensen spider track system offers unrivalled stability and access to banks. Therefore there are 4 options to choose from: - Standard Tracks - Standard Tracks with Tilt Bed - Variable Width Tracks - Spider Tracks Like all of the Jensen range of tracked woodchippers they are customisable to suit your exact specifications. Including and not limited to: - Hydraulically Adjustable Tracks (780 ' 1160mm) - Tilt Bed (15' Left/Right) - Electronically Controlled Infeed System - Mechanical Folding Chute - Bio Oil - Custom Paint Colour - Hydraulic/Electric Winch - Hydraulic Support Plate - If you have any other personal customisation then please just ask! Time is money! It is important to be able to rely on your working equipment. Jensen Chippers will keep you on the front line, and allow you to achieve high performance coupled with proven reliability. Investing in a high quality machine pays off quickly. With our stable and powerful Jensen tracked chippers you can work in places that are difficult to access. Whether it's railways, highway embankments or difficult and steep terrain, you will navigate through with ease. Our tracked chippers can reach a speed of approximately 3km/h and overcome slopes of up to 30'. For the full range of tracked wood chippers we offer an additional rail track security package which allows the machine to be left on site in remote areas. It includes lockable diesel and hydraulic oil filler caps, a lockable cover on the control panel and bonnet, and an extra tool box securing chains and locks etc....