Grooming Artificial Surface Rake 1220mm 48 Inch

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***BRAND NEW***The artificial surface grooming rake is a small basic machine to carry out routine maintenance on artificial playing surfaces with a sand base. The two rows of staggered spring tines tease through the playing surface to remove the surface compaction and aid drainage. A weight tray is incorporated into the design in order that top weight may be added to aid penetration on heavily compacted surfaces. The trailing brush will level and groom the play area; having completed the operation the play area will be in a ready state for many hours of hard use. Each working row of tines may be lifted out of work individually to suit your grooming requirements, ie, lift out of work the two spring tine rows and leave the brush in work. This simple grooming unit may be towed behind 13hp tractors and above. The groomer can be lifted out of work for simple and safe transportation to the storage area.The other sizes can be supplied upon request. Optional Extras:50mm Ball Hitch AttachmentRubber Drag MatSpecificationsWorking Width 1220mm (48") Weight 30kgTractor Power Required 13hp Minimum***Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee***